Why Did Apple Sell a 7-Inch tablet?

Last year, speculation was widespread that something large could be coming from Apple, however it turned out to be rather tiny (or, at least, smaller than regular).


“Apple’s much-rumored iPad Mini will in fact be called the iPad Mini”. Reported Cnet.com’s Lance Whitney in August last year, and he was correct, it was. But before the release of the apple ipad Mini, Apple were still seen as being dead-set against creating a 7-Inch tablet. Of course, this position can be traced back to late Apple CEO Steve Jobs assertion that anything smaller than a 9.7-Inch tablet pc would simply be too small.


The iPad Mini, at 7.9-Inches, isn’t considered a 7-Inch tablet by Apple. CEO Tim Cook doesn’t believe a 7-Inch tablet to be a “good product”.


According to Roger Cheng at Cnet.com:


“Yes, the recently unveiled iPad Mini is a smaller tablet, but (it) isn’t the 7 inch tablet that Jobs referred to. No, it has a staggeringly larger 7.9 inch display instead.

Cook argues that the extra size gives it a much larger viewing area, and isn’t cramped like smaller devices such as the Nexus 7 (…) The slightly larger size gives the iPad Mini a 35 percent larger display, and more than 50 to 60 percent when considering the usable area (excluding the tabs and other bits of interface on Android tablets), Apple executives say.”


It has a bigger screen, then. But only a little bit larger.


Evidently, the iPad Mini has identical quantity of pixels as the iPad 2, so, the iPad Mini can run any app designed for that larger apple ipad. However, this begs the question, how can a product be “not good” at 7-Inches, but pretty much as good as the regular apple ipad at 7.9-Inches? It just does not add up. The screen is a lttle bit bigger, with a larger user area, but either way, this looks like backtracking.


It seems infinitely more likely that Apple desire to dominate the 7-Inch tablet market, currently occupied with the Google Nexus 7 and also the Amazon Kindle fire. As Dan Gallagher from the Wall Street Journal’s ‘Market Watch’ website predicted back in October:

“When Apple lifts the wraps on its expected iPad mini — or whatever the company decides to call its first entry into the 7-inch tablet space — the Cupertino, Calif.-based company will be throwing down a direct challenge to several competitors who have used that segment of the market to carve out a niche against the 10-inch iPad that still accounts for an estimated two-thirds of tablet sales. Most significant among these is Amazon which launched its first tablet called the Kindle Fire last year as a low-priced, smaller entry into the market”.


It appears obvious enough that Apple merely wants a broader share of the marketplace it helped to create. At 7.9 Inches, the iPad Mini is often a fine 7-Inch tablet. In fact, it basically shot towards the top of this 7″ pc tablet pile Last year day of its’ release, so whatever the real reasons behind its development, Apple can consider the apple ipad Mini a achievement.