Sony Make all sorts of Television’s and this 42 inch Smart Telly is one to take into account

Like lots of people reading this, I take pleasure in the holiday of Christmas a good deal.


Though I am not a Christian (in truth, I’ve regularly described myself as a ‘spiritually inclined’ atheist – even if I’ve taken to observing all 8 Pagan Sabbats over the course of the year), I still view Christmas as the joyous time to be spent with family, friends and those you consider as belonging to the closest ring of the ‘inner circle’.


My family is one with many enduring Christmas traditions, a lot of that will obviously be passed on to my children (should my girlfriend and I ever choose to have any). We bring out similarly decorations time after time (some of which have always been in the household for over a century).


On Christmas Eve, my Mum will very much read ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’ by Clement C. Moore to my sibling and myself (and recently my girlfriend too), despite the fact that we are now in our twenties. Until lately, we would move out into the streets and chime the ‘sleigh bells’ for our neighbours’ children to hear from their window (just like their mom and dad did for my brother and I when we were kids).


Perhaps our best family tradition, on the other hand, is the ritual viewing of the Frank Capra Christmas classic ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. The flick stars Jimmy Stewart as a perennial ‘nice guy fallen on misfortune’ George Bailey, Donna Reed as his wife Mary, Henry Travers as Clarence, George’s guardian angel and naturally, Lionel Barrymore as the truly dastardly ‘Old Man Potter’.


It doesn’t matter what else goes on (or how confused Christmas Eve could be, particularly now that travel is a factor in our coming together), we ALWAYS find time to watch that specific film on that specific night.


By the time George runs gleefully through the streets of Bedford Falls shouting “Merry Christmas you superb old building and loan!” My Father is welling up, by the point George’s brother Harry declares him to be “the richest man in town”, I’m right there with him. There’s just a specific, sparkling, honest-to-goodness enchartment to it, the script is glorious, the direction is miles ahead of its time and the performances, well, (to quote Bernard Black of ‘Black Books’ fame) “Ah, they’d soften your face”.


Why am I revealing you this?


Well, considering as there’s no way to improve upon the film itself, the experience would most likely only be bettered if we had a Sony 42 inch TV. With a jaw dropping ‘X-Reality’ display, a wireless smartphone link-up feature and lots more besides, this innovative 2013 smart tv is really a doozy. It could lack some of the more compulsive features of Sony’s other smart Televisions, but, after viewing the display and glossy, ultramodern design of this Television, it barely does matter.


With a new Bluray edition of ‘It is a Wonderful Life’, a shiny Sony 42 inch Television with a good surround sound, you will never be happier to see an angel receiving his wings.