Harry Potter And The DVD Box Set


Harry Potter can be described as coming-of-age tale about a boy who, around the cusp of youth, discovers that he has extraordinary abilities. As he learns and grows below the vigilant eyes of his respected mentors, Harry ultimately becomes a world-saving hero. As he undergoes his adolescent journey, he learns the true nature of his lineage, discovers responsibility, friendship and affection, makes some major blunders and eventually finishes up fulfilling his true potential. Put simply, it’s about the whole lot.


Who can not associate with a tale like that? Life begins at eleven for people, that’s where those funny new feelings come falling into your existence, where you often do not feel ‘right’ for no reason at all and where your entire spectrum of personal opportunity is first revealed to you, often causing one to feel fear, alienation and worry. Harry potter may use a magic wand, recite magic words and customarily specialize in all things magical, but essentially, J.K Rowling’s saga is mostly a classic bildungsroman, applicable to each boy or girl about to start ‘big’ school, their first relationship or part-time job. Obviously, as we all know now, all of it works out in the end, but at the time, its totally anarchic mayhem. Anything can happen in the following half hour. The famous ‘Hogwarts’ letter can easily be decoded as the very first glimpse of adulthood, the invitation to join an exclusive club, one previously beyond your wildest imagination. After only a brief glimpse of the aforementioned letter, the spell is inexorably cast, and nothing will ever be similar again.


On the downside, in this post-potter world, children around the globe are filled with excitement on their 11th birthday, only to be bitterly disappointed if they do not receive an real letter from Hogwarts.


Following the enormous success of the book series, which resonated with readers in much the same way Star Wars rattled the minds of 1970’s kids (actually they were both borrowing from similar mythological sources but, y’know, whatever) the filming of the books was inevitable. The Harry Potter movie series was an enormous cinematic undertaking, with 7 novels being painstakingly translated into eight feature films over a period of over ten years. With staunch dedication to the role that made his name, actor Daniel Radcliffe spent his nearly all of his young life on film sets around the world, breathing his own experiences into the beloved character, and, in the process, forcing a generation to believe in wizards.


Over the decade, audiences flocked to view the movie recreations of these favourite scenes/characters. Now, as the series is finally ended, you can take home this project in its entirety, today. The Harry Potter series[d1] , consisting of 8 films with a billion years of extra material might be yours to enjoy again and again. Few youth trends cross over the barrier into mainstream enjoyment, even fewer keep a society riveted for just a decade. Enjoy them, cherish them and savour every moment, as often as you like.