BB 10 powered tablet arriving in 2013, confirms BlackBerry head of developer relations


Editors note – with the release of the Blackberry z10, a new blackberry tablet was always on the cards but one insider in the blackberry developers corner has hinted at a new pc tablet will likely be on it’s way this year. It will be loaded with the blackberry OS and hopefully the longevity of the playbook, which remains to be on sale at the moment!


BlackBerry’s developer relations head confirmed to KYMI that the the BB 10 powdered tablet will be arriving by later part of 2013


The much rumored BB 10 powdered tablet will be arriving later this year.

One the sideline of the recent Blackberry Z10 launch in Mumbai, head of developer relations Asia Pacific at BlackBerry confirmed to KYMI that ‘the BB10 tablet is definitely coming later this year.’ 

Sarim Aziz also said that the BB 10 treatment for older BlackBerry playbook ‘is currently undergoing.’

The Canadian company is also committed to bringing more apps to its new BB10 platform. The company launched its new OS with 70,000 apps on January 30, which was by far more than any other first-generation operating system.

The company secured ‘all the best apps – the ones you use most’ and the apps that are ‘at the heart of BlackBerry 10’ and has been continuously filling it more apps. According to Aziz, ‘we are going to hit the 100,000 mark before July.’

‘We have made a commitment that within six month of launch we are going to have over 100,000 apps available for BlackBerry 10, ‘ he further added. 

However we have to bear in mind that the launches have been staggered through the globe like in NY, UK, India, Indonesia- and so on, and things can get a bit delayed. However from the sound of it, the BB 10 smartphone users have all the reasons to smile.


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