Are you able to Trade a Kindle Touch for any Kindle Fire?

Amazon launched the touchscreen version of its successful Kindle eReader in September of 2011 and since then, the Kindle has gone from strength to strength, both in terms of sales and technology. With the advent of the Kindle Fire, the company moved their attention slightly away from eReaders and towards tablet PCs.


The Kindle Fire still worked as an eReader, of course, but that was just one of its many, many functions. On a blog site specially devoted to the original Kindle Fire (yet so slavish in its adoration that one wonders if it was actually designed by Amazon’s ad department), one writer says:


“Amazon’s Kindle Fire is a fabulous multi-media entertainment device and there is so much you can do with it- I’m always having a ton of fun with mine!” before posting a long (and exhaustive) list of the tablet’s many features.


Whoever posted that piece was seemingly not alone; praise for Amazon’s Kindle Fire was commonplace throughout the early reviews. At the time of release, I myself wrote that:


“So, the true beauty of the Kindle Fire, then, is that it is a gadget that’s actually useful. Combining the Kindle e-Reader with a Tablet PC is a brilliant innovation and the great specs and design effort means that this device isn’t reduced to mere gimmickry but is, instead a wonderful bit of kit, well equipped for the modern world. So, in conclusion, this kindle fire reviewgives the little hothead two thumbs up. FLAME ON!”


Perhaps the Johnny Storm quote was a little ‘on the nose’, but apart from that, my original review was just one of many others like it. So, can you trade a Kindle Touch for a Kindle Fire?


According to Jordan Crook at Tech, Amazon’s trade-in program includes not only all versions of the Kindle, but also non-Amazon eReaders as well.


“If you’re looking to upgrade your e-reader, Amazon just made the transition that much easier. Today the online retailer extended its Trade-In program to cover Kindles and other e-readers. Trading in a Kindle should net you anywhere from $25 to $135 depending on the model and the device’s condition. After entering your old e-reader into the system, Amazon will award you with a gift card for the value of your device. And if you’re about to toss your old Kindle in the garbage over shipping costs, think again — Amazon offers free shipping”.



Although that article was first published in 2011, a quick trip over to confirms that the aforementioned Trade-In service is still very much in operation.


You would probably not be able to trade a Kindle Touch for a Kindle Fire without paying a little extra in the deal, so it would probably better resemble a part-exchange than an outright trade (of course, this does depend on a number of factors), but ultimately, the answer is ‘yes’, you could trade.