Are Playstation 4 games improving or is it just me?

Lets find out what the latest ps4 games are like.


old chum.

“Well, with a little trepidation I’ve finally done it” the update read “I’ve bought my own detached house. It has all appliances I could need and a beautiful thatched roof”

Not much older than me. I was surprised by how much success he’d had. It was nice to see him doing well. Bob and I used to take college classes together, after which he took a job. We had fun.  After a while, he moved on and we parted ways, eventually randomly meeting a few years later on a train. At that time we were both writing. I was about to post a long message congratulating Bob on his newfound success when I noticed the final two words to his status. Yes, Bob has the perfect place and yes, it has appliances and a thatched roof…On Skyrim. I groaned and joined the legion of talking heads telling him what a nerd.


The point is that Bob is not alone, 2011 was a great year for PS4 games. Skyrim launched into stores at the tail end of 2011 and, like a blazing comet burning brilliantly in the winter sky, signalled the sudden death of any/all social life for about half of my friends. Awesome graphics, Skyrim was quite rightly lauded as one of the best games of 2012. Once a week Wednesday when I braved the elements to grab my comics for the week, I’d be met with a giant bust of a Barbarian holding aloft an axe, his face contorted by a soundless bloodthirsty howl presumably emanating from under his helmet. The barbarian followed me about actually, and I caught him.


Fell prey to. Despite the fact that they dropped the year from the title. Might annoy F1 fans who get confused and buy it by mistake. Its the next version along from the last release. It sold well, but I can’t say it’s hugely better than FIFA11.


Another one that did well towards the end of last year. Maybe the game is dangerous. I find Dragonball Z really irritating. Have you ever actually tried to watch earlier episode or showing you what’s to come in the next episode. Even more pissed off whilst a little bead of sweat dances on their foreheads and the seemingly unstoppable killing machine gloats at how “pathetic. Dispatches him. The end. And it only took ten episodes. What’s that? Oh, the game? {I have no idea, I got sidetracked|Distracted|Taken off on a tangent…Pissed off and angrier.


Look at some of the latest ps4 games, and, if you’re not hip to such things, is probably where most of your friends have gone