A list of the top 10” Android Tablets

Even if you’re in search of a tablet, except for one reason or another you don’t want an iPad, then Android might be your best choice (at least until Microsoft iron out the creases in Windows 8, that is). To help you make your mind up, here are the very best 5 10″ tablet pc’s that run Google’s Android OS.


5. Acer Iconia A510


Although it has a little extra weight to it and also the screen isn’t on a par with the Google Nexus, this is still a fine 10-Inch Android tablet and certainly one of the better models on the market. William Harrel of Computer Shopper.com claims,


“As we do with every tablet that passes through our labs, we tried hard with this one to find something not to like. And we didn’t find much. Here in 2012, lots of pretty good Android tablets are available, and choosing among them all is an exercise in balancing fine points. And you’ll want to choose carefully, since chances are, you’ll use your tablet often and take it with you most places you go. But we’ve looked at a lot of tablets—very good ones and merely pretty good ones—and the Acer Iconia Tab A510 still rates high on our list of slates we’d choose for work and play”.


4. Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9


We are cheating slightly here, but bear with us. It is usually somewhat smaller than a 10″ tablet, however the Kindle Fire HD is easily one of these best tablets in the world right now. It also represents great value for money. Dave Loiver of Wired.co.uk claims that,


“It has a great screen, decent speakers and easy access to the biggest library of content in the world. If you want to watch, listen, play or read, the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 is a very nice piece of kit. It doesn’t have the versatility of the iPad or most Android tablets for creation or social networking, but so long as you know what you want it for, it’s well worth a look”.


3. Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700


This is a superb tablet that’s easily the best model in its line so far. Quick as a whippet in a rush, having a nice overall design, this one is a genuine winner. According to CNet.com,


“The Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 is one of the fastest Android tablets out there, combining an already proven design with a better camera, a faster processor, and a beautiful screen”.


2. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1


Samsung is generally catching up to Apple, cutting a whopping cut out of the tablet pc market share in the last few months of last year. A large part of this achievement is because of the Galaxy Note, a tablet that mixes a nippy CPU with advanced multitasking features. William Harrel of Computer Shopper.com says,


“Samsung tablets typically come with a well-rounded offering of apps and features, and the Galaxy Note 10.1 is no exception. Samsung has taken the best bits of its previous tablets—notably, the infrared and Smart Remote support, AllShare, and a good-looking screen—and piled on several worthwhile features unavailable on competing models. Combine all the cool new stuff with a faster processor and the best battery life we’ve seen on an Android slate, and you get not only the best Samsung tablet to date, but also a very strong contender in the high-end Android tablet market”.


1. Google Nexus 10


The Nexus 10 is just about the best 10 inch Android tablet pc in the world right now, from its winning mixture of pace, reliability and price, you just can’t beat it. To quote from James Rogerson’s TechRadar.com appraisal:


“The Google Nexus 10 is clearly a brilliant tablet. It’s got top-end specs at a mid-range price; that alone makes it deserving of attention. Add to that a generally stunning screen and near faultless performance and it really does start to look like an iPad beater”.


So there you go. Any questions, drop us a line!