10 iPad Benefits: 3 years have gone, but still considerable

Update – This was originally created in 2010, when the ipad was in it’s early development, the very first ipad remains to be relevant today, it’s still relevant 3 years down the line. The points inside the article are actually obvious to us now, but back then we’d laugh at the idea that we could watch videos or TV on a thin device, and many detractors were amazed by the lack of a keyboard, and how would we type on this alien tablet! but with over 80 million ipads sold, as of the end of 2012, and 70,000 apps to select from, the ipad is and was a triumph.


10 iPad Benefits

Until the iPad, I’ve never been the type that bought new technology as soon as it came out. I always wanted to wait until the bugs were fixed and the prices came down. For some reason, though, I felt the need to pre-order the iPad so that I could have it right away. Was I just caught up in iPad mania or will it provide me with something more than I get from my laptop and iPhone?

After spending an entire weekend with my new iPad, I definitely think it is worth it. I have found many benefits already, and most new iPad apps are not even out yet. These are some of the many benefits I see in the Apple iPad:

 1. The iPad is perfect for the times when my laptop is too heavy but my iPhone is too small. I’ve never been able to fully take advantage of the iPhone’s technology because I have trouble with the small screen and tiny keyboard. As much as I love my iPhone, it is not great on aging eyes.

 2. I still didn’t have an e-reader or a netbook and wanted both. The Apple iBooks e-reader is fantastic and comes with the iPad. There is color and images and when you turn the page it looks like real pages. Although I know that the iPad can’t do everything a netbook can, it will suffice when I travel and don’t want to lug my laptop with me.

 3. Watching videos, movies and television shows on the iPad is amazing. The color and resolution are beautiful. I already have two great free apps for watching TV – Netflix and ABC Player. I can watch any ABC show now on my iPad and any watch instantly show or movie from Netflix. YouTube comes already loaded. Now I’m just hoping for an app from Hulu.

 4. The split screen makes it so much easier to use apps like calendar and email on the iPad. In fact, I find I like the iPad view of these apps more than the view on a regular computer.

 5. Being a tablet makes the iPad so much more portable than even a netbook. You can take it from room to room and easily watch it at the same time. If you are using a recipe act, there is no need to print out the recipes, just bring the iPad into the Kitchen. Want to show family members something on your iPad, just carry it to the room they are in.

 6. Pictures look beautiful on the iPad. Now I have a new place to keep my family pictures. Slideshows are automatic, no need to learn how to make one.

 7. The iPad is simple to use. Especially if you already have an iPhone or iTouch, there is no learning curve at all. And because the iPad is so intuitive, even people that have never used an Apple product will easily adapt to the iPad.

 8. The iPad is very fast and scrolling is a breeze.

 9. The virtual keyboard works pretty well when using the iPad in landscope mode. If you plan on doing a great deal of typing on it, you can buy a real keyboard to use with it.

 10. I love reading newspapers and magazines on the go. The iPhone screen was too small for me to fully enjoy this.

One added benefit was the excitement my sons showed and the long conversations and bonding we had over it. Neither one of them originally wanted to get an iPad, but even they have succumbed to the iPad hysteria. Watching last week’s Modern Family definitely helped. They were so excited to hear all about my iPad.


Original Source – http://www.connectwithyourteens.net/2010/04/10-ipad-benefits.html